An Investment Approach for Improving LGBTQIA* Communities’ Access to Labour Markets

  • They account for more than two thirds of jobs globally. (4)
  • They have acute financing needs. The MSME finance gap is estimated at USD 5 trillion in developing countries. (5)

Credit Assessment

Milestone Development

DEI Dimensions

Raising Awareness




First Impressions

  • Even in what we would consider conservative industries, the vast majority of employees (in one case over 90%) were of the opinion that more and better DEI practices present an opportunity.
  • Perception of discrimination and equal opportunities vary significantly across age groups. While employees over 40 didn’t believe there was any discrimination or lack of opportunities, younger employees were very much of the opinion that they existed.
  • Almost 25% of employees have heard, seen or experienced derogatory behaviour towards people from LGBTQIA* communities.
  • Almost 20% of employees identified as part of LGBTQIA* communities.

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Dreilinden is a Hamburg-based foundation dedicated to advancing societal acceptance of gender and sexual diversity.